Jackpotjoy Casino app on Facebook

Jackpotjoy Casino app on Facebook

If you already love playing online casino or Bingo games with Jackpotjoy – did you also know that you can now play Jackpotjoy Casino games in one Facebook app? All your favourite slots games, cards and roulette games can be played for the fun of the games on the Jackpotjoy Casino Facebook game, which is a great way of passing the time on a journey, or any other time you need to amuse yourself.

The Jackpotjoy Casino really is a superbly-crafted application and it gives you a huge array of choice – including everything from roulette to cards and slots. The best thing about the app is the variety it offers. The Jackpotjoy Casino app covers stuff like video poker, roulette and blackjack, but there are also additional games such as hi-lo, pai gow and baccarat.

Each game is completely different from the rest, but some take a little more getting used to than the others. So for example, Jackpotjoy Casino’s hi-lo is a straightforward fun and logical game to play. It asks you to have an educated guess whether the next card drawn will be lower or higher than the previous one; just like the TV show, in other words. Others games, however, like pai gow, are a little more complicated and multi-layered and take a little more time to get to understand.

But there are instructions and helpful hints and once you get to play these games, you’ll generally get to enjoy them a little more than the others because they offer a bit more.

Regardless of which Jackpotjoy Casino games you select, you can opt for high, medium, or low stakes games and bet your virtual money chips accordingly.

In addition, the Jackpotjoy games have their own modes to choose from – so video poker players may decide to go for the ‘Jacks or Better’ mode, for example, where cards only count where their face value is a jack or higher, whilst another option uses deuces (twos) as wild cards.

What’s more; you get bonus chips periodically so you should never go “virtually” broke for too long if the cards or roulette wheels are turning against you. And the more you play, the more chips you receive and the more bonus playing cards you get. These build up form into a poker hand of five – and can then pay out a multiple of fifty chips based on the hand earned.

If you’re new to all this and it sounds complicated, fear not; it isn’t. Just download the app for the Jackpotjoy of it.